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Perfect Plastic Sales People

I have always wanted to do a site in black and white, even images. So, for those who knows my mannequin sites, I know that you will be surprised to see these perfect plastic sales people in Black and White. The photographs as taken by James ML were in color. I just transformed them into grayscale in Photoshop. The photographs of Davecat were already in black and white. I thought that they would be perfect here, so I asked permission for their use in this site through James ML, who is a co-owner of this page also.

There will be a minimum of text. I believe the mannequins can speak volumes for themselves through their pictures. Most of you have not seen these photographs in color. I will post them somewhere in one of our sites so that you can see the original.

I have decided to keep the text links in color for easy navigation.

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Perfect Plastic Sales People.

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